1. 01Masterbatch development and production
  2. 02Dope dyed, spinning production
  3. 03Texturing and air texturing
  4. 04Inspection and packaging

Xin Zhanjiang to provide you with scientific and rational colored fiber

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Technical advantages

提供有色纤维整体解决方案 30多年有色纤维研发生产经验 Provide colored fiber whole solution,Over 30 years of colored fiber research and development production experience
  • More than 20 people masterbatch research and development team, more than 50 people yarn technology team, with an annual capacity of more than 20,000 tons
  • Focus on automotive fiber, outdoor fiber, civil differentiation of fiber, high-grade textile fiber R & D and production
  • Own from masterbatch custom development to the yarn mass production of the perfect industrial chain,Significantly reduce lead times

Advantages of cooperation

面料厂家理想的合作伙伴,开发速度快,技术力量雄厚 Fabric manufacturers the ideal partner,Development speed is fast,reliable technology
  • Colored fiber custom production, provided scientific and reasonable colored fiber
  • Improve the colored fiber industry chain, improve the development speed and reduce the delivery cycle
  • Many well-known partners are using Xinzhanjiang colored fiber:Audi, BMW, Ashley and so on

Team Advantage

国家级高新技术企业,完整的有色纤维产业链 National high-tech enterprises, the full colored fiber industrial chain
  • Customized development of colored fibers according to customer's requirements:
  • Masterbatch development and production - dope dyed, spinning production - texturing and air texturing - inspection and packaging,
  • Fiber quality to do the difference between the small batch, the stability within the batch


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  • Audi
  • Mazda
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  • FAW-Volkswagen
  • arcteryx
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  • ikea


Changzhou Xin Zhanjiang Special Fiber Co., Ltd Changzhou Xinzhanjiang Special Fiber Co. Ltd. is a private enterprise professional engaged in the development and manufacturing of... MORE


  • A roller roll
  • A method for producing a pre-sprinkling FDY for producing a roof for a vehicle (invention patent)
  • 23. A method for producing a flame-retardant large loop yarn for a motor vehicle (invention patent)
  • The winding device of the machine
  • The machine is equipped with a fast press
  • A yarn filling system for decorative DTY filaments
  • A false twist deformer for the production of coarse denier fibers
  • A wire machine with a finisher
  • 900D polyester cationic carpet raw material production method (invention patent)
  • A system of masterbatch syringe for the production of polyester fastness of polyester filament
  • Light fastness 1000h polyester filament production equipment
  • A high light fastness of the car with polyester black silk DTY silk yarn plus the system
  • A double - cutting system for a machine
  • A DTY wire machine with a wire rod
  • Piston type air compressor control device
  • Tension adjusting device for air lacquer
  • An open and close handle of a roller roll
  • Fiber packaging weighing marking assembly line device
  • A D42 nozzle cleaning rack
  • A variable water tank
  • A Tensioning and Adjusting Device for DTY
  • An oiling system for DTY fiber production
  • Thermal exchange device for variable temperature wire production
  • A control device for the water level of a cellar
  • A winding system for air - changing wire machines
  • Environmentally friendly outdoor green polyester filament high quality products
  • Environmentally friendly car with green polyester filament high quality products
  • 高日晒纺前着色再生涤纶丝 省高品

30 years experience in the production of colored polyesterMore than 20 people masterbatch research and development team

Xin Zhanjiang Special Fiber Co., Ltd

Development speedShort lead timesProduct quality is goodCost-effective

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